Did you know that 80% of women have no idea what their skin type and its condition are?

It is known that skin consists of several layers. The only layer that is accessible for our eye to see is the surface layer of the skin, the epidermis. Deep layers of the skin often contain information that can help us determine skincare products suitable to your skin type, thereby preventing it from fading.

Skin diagnostics is a popular cosmetic procedure that helps us to prescribe precise treatment and can reduce or even eliminate imperfections of the skin.

Observ520 is a unique skin diagnostic device. It helps identify both visible and hidden facial skin problems, hence ensuring we prescribe the right skincare and skin treatment for you. Thanks to this diagnosis, together with the doctor, you can keep track of the effectiveness and efficiency of the procedure.

Diagnostic is carried out in several stages. Firstly, photos of the skin are taken using several different modes. These images are further analyzed by a qualified specialist of our clinic, who then draws conclusions and devises a corresponding treatment plan for the problematic skin areas.

The results of skin diagnostics are safely stored in the client`s virtual card. This procedure can be performed several times throughout the treatment, allowing you to keep track of the result, and to see the effectiveness of the procedure.

The principle behind Observ 520 is skin fluorescence. The Observ 520 is based on a unique Dutch patented technology that generates fluorescence under low doses of UV rays. Such diagnostics allows evaluation of pigmentary and vascular pathology, skin microrelief, pores, wrinkles, skin texture, and uniformity, as well as of hidden latent pigmentation and blood vessels.

6 skin observation modes:
Day light
Simulated Wood`s light
True UV
Skin dyschromia

5 advantages of skin diagnostics at our clinic:

100% safe and harmless diagnostic method

Identification of your skin needs to prevent negative outcomes using products and procedures suitable to your skin

Documentation of skin treatment dynamics

Detailed report of the skin diagnostics on your email or Viber

Do you want to get a "passport" of your skin?

Did you know that many epidermal problems lie deep within skin cells? Pigmentation, vascular changes, inflammation, etc… This significantly complicates their diagnosis during a visual examination.

Observ520 – skin diagnostic hardware:
Does not only identify pathologies and dermatological disorders but also allows to monitor any changes within them throughout the treatment course.

Evaluate the microrelief of your skin, the state of the blood vessel and pores, as well as their contents, in addition to the pigmentation intensity, and identification of already existing and only emerging wrinkles.

Provides you with a detailed representation of your dermal cells using innovative imaging technologies and skin analysis modes.

We invite you for a consultation at LARKINA CENTER, where we will perform diagnostics of your skin on Observ520 and will prescribe corresponding skincare, and, if necessary, treatment