SMAS and RF-lifting

SMAS and RF-lifting

The most modern hardware lifting techniques on the nowadays market are for sure SMAS and RF-lifting. Both types of these procedures are hardware techniques that have proven their safety, causing no damage to the skin surface.

SMAS is a lifting technique based on the action of ultrasound waves on the deep skin layers and the muscular system. During the procedure, it stimulates collagen production, subsequently restoring the muscle tone – already after the procedure you see an instant tightening of facial contour, which enhances over 3 months.

RF-lifting is a technique targeting deep skin layers with an electrical impulse. During the procedure, a natural process of skin rejuvenation and its` quality improvement are activated.

Our specialists will consult you and recommend a range of treatments to choose from, depending on your skin type, age, lifestyle, etc to ensure both efficacy and comfort of the chosen treatment.

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