Injection procedures

Injection procedures

Injection cosmetology (also known as “beauty injections”) is a field in aesthetic medicine and is an integral part of modern skin rejuvenation and overall aging preventative therapies.

The use of invasive injection treatment is aimed at solving a variety of problems, such as smoothing wrinkles and folds, replenishing missing volumes, thereby providing a lifting effect, correction of the facial asymmetry, skin quality, and tone enhancement, pigmentation reduction, pathological vascular patterns, severe acne, and water-lipid balance replenishment.

In addition, injections are commonly used to address medical problems, such as migraines, excessive sweating, back, and joint pain, teeth grinding, scarring, etc…

At LARKINA CENTER we offer a wide variety of injection treatments, including plasma therapy, botulinum therapy, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, contour plastics, and many others.

Plasma therapy
контурная пластика
Contour plastics