Face and scalp skin treatment

Face and scalp skin treatment

Skin and scalp treatment is the responsibility of a dermatovenerologist who specializes in the prevention and diagnosis of skin and hair problems.

At LARKINA CENTER we offer our expertise whilst solving the following skin conditions: skin diseases of viral and fungal origin, eczema, dermatitis, sebaceous and sweat glands diseases, skin rashes, and parasitic lesions, acne, rosacea, etc.

Dermatological treatment includes prescription of external medications (needs to be applied to the skin) and systemic therapy (pills or injections), medical procedures, and skincare to reduce the need for medications and to prevent discomfort and recurrent exacerbations.

A dermatologist can diagnose various skin conditions, and devise a corresponding treatment plan for skin and its appendages, including nails, hair, and skin defects.

Our doctors are not only well versed in symptoms of existing dermatological diseases, but also in other ailments that are directly responsible for skin conditions. Our doctors aim to devise an individual therapy for each patient, considering not only the origin and stage of the disease but also the patient’s age, gender, living conditions and working environment, lifestyle, and presence of concomitant diseases.

Furthermore, our doctors practice only those methods that have proven their effectiveness and safety and resort to certified drugs only with proven high-performance indicators.

In those cases, when the problem you are presented with does not lead to health problems and is not a disease, and is solely for aesthetic reasons, our doctors will advise procedures and products to preserve the beauty, youth, and health of your skin.

In addition to skin and hair treatments, we also recommend you have your birthmarks and moles examined regularly. Given the variety of moles, only a doctor with appropriate qualification and corresponding experience can tell a difference between an innocent mole and a dangerous melanoma.